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Welcome to Baca, Stein, White & Associates, Inc.

Our purpose is to assist you in your quest for the EDI solution which will meet your particular needs. On this site you will find basic information about EDI and its benefits.

As your EDI service bureau, we can act as your EDI department, either partially or totally. We also supply and install EDI translators. Or you may simply need some timely, knowledgeable advice. Contact us today with any questions you may have.

Mission Statement

BSWA believes the extensive use of Electronic Commerce is one of the primary enablers for industry to meet its current and future business needs. To that end, BSWA offers its services to satisfy any and all electronic data transfer and translation requirements. These services include our service bureau, consulting, mapping, web site development and operation, and software consultation and sales.

One Stop EDI Service Bureau

Our service bureau uses state-of-the-art technology to receive, translate and send Electronic Commerce. Clients use the service bureau to send and/or receive EDI, proprietary or fax transmissions. In other words, BSWA offers an "any to any" data solution.

  • Proprietary to EDI
  • EDI to proprietary
  • EDI to EDI (version differences included)
  • Proprietary to proprietary
  • EDI to fax
  • Proprietary to fax

Mapping Services

BSWA's technical organization exhibits vast expertise in various software products. Therefore, you can be assured that we can handle your mapping requirements whether your requirement is proprietary or EDI, and regardless of pc or mainframe platform.

Web Sites

We provide web site development, hosting, and operations services. From the most basic web design to sophisticated back-end databases, BSWA can provide the solution your company seeks.


If you chose our service bureau approach to EDI, you will have no software requirements. However, if the service bureau is not your solution, BSWA offers a wide array of EDI and other Electronic Commerce software products. BSWA can find the exact software fit for your company and as agents of EasyLink (Commerce), can deliver high quality Email and fax software as well. Additionally, BSWA offers its own SSL VAN which eliminates the need for traditional VAN’s at a fraction of the cost. Typically, our VAN is offered at a flat rate with unlimited usage.

Data Storage/Retention

At no additional cost, BSWA stores all data, sent and received, for archival purposes in accordance with our customer’s records retention policy.


The world of EDI can be challenging even to those versed in traditional computer applications. Therefore, you may desire the services of a specialist when you decide to pursue EDI, to properly examine all of your alternatives. Our trained experts are available to design, assist, or implement the EDI solution of your choice.

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