No longer will you have to spend $50,000 to $200,000 in capital investments to realize any of the dramatic money-saving benefits of EDI.

Since the 1970’s, the large “HUB” companies that use EDI have faced the same dilemma of what to do with its many non-EDI trading partners. Efforts to encourage or enforce EDI use among the smaller trading partner community have been mostly unsuccessful. This has been true for several reasons including lack of technical expertise, cost of the software, operations and maintenance costs, and the ever-evolving standards and upgrades.

Until recently, all this has been true. But now the world has changed. The Internet allows for everybody to talk to everybody electronically. BSWA has embraced this web environment and offers the ability to exchange EDI documents via its Web EDI product.

Imagine the productivity gained by sending and receiving all of your business documents via EDI at very little cost. The real issue is not the technology or cost of implementation, but rather the strategy or culture change needed to implement this exciting new business premise.

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It could work like this.

  • The “HUB” decides its strategy of doing business 100% EDI.
  • It sends out a letter (see sample attached) to all its trading partners announcing this intent.
  • Trading partners are given the option of implementing their own EDI system or subscribing to an EDI service bureau. BSWA (an EDI service bureau) can offer traditional EDI service for those that desire integrated EDI or its low cost web EDI product.
  • Trading partners are given a web site (on BSWA server) to access to register for the web EDI program and get a start date for receiving/sending data.
  • BSWA sends daily file of those registered to HUB.
  • HUB adds this vendor as an EDI trading partner on its EDI system.
  • HUB starts treating vendor as EDI trading partner on agreed upon date.
  • HUB sends EDI documents via VAN to BSWA daily.
  • Trading partners sign on to WEB EDI web site daily to pick up and send/create documents.
  • BSWA retrieves info and converts to EDI and sends back to HUB via VAN daily.
  • HUB retrieves and uploads to appropriate system.